Tracking Your Inventory

Empty shelves at a grocery storeSo how do you keep track of your supplies?  I was using a spreadsheet and updating it as I purchased things.  But for some reason I would usually find myself in the store, not able to remember what I had.  So I started to look for a method I could use on my phone.  I have an Android based phone, and if you value your privacy, I hope you do too.

I wanted to use my phone’s ability to scan barcodes to enter an item.  The application I found is Barcode Expresss: Barcode & Inventory Pro.  I had tried some other applications similar, but didn’t like their interface or I found that the barcode lookup wasn’t great.  Barcode Express has found the majority of items I’ve entered into it.  It uses Amazon and Google to find the product information and will import that into your database.

  1. First you will start out with an empty database.  
  2. Then add your item.  There are several ways, but I use the Amazon Search.
  3. Choose the barcode icon to scan your item.
  4. It should find your item, and you can import it into your database.
  5. Update your quantities by using the “Check in-out entries.”
  6. You can keep adding and updating your inventory so you won’t have to worry when you are at a store.  You’ll have your inventory with you.

When the application hasn’t found my item, you will get an error message.  

You can then add the item as a custom entry, add a picture, and pretty much any other information you want.  The application also has the ability to add categories and tags.

Overall, I think this is a great application.  There is a free demonstration version available to use before you purchase the full version for $2.49.

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