22 Long Rifle Ammunition

For those of you always on the lookup for 22 L.R. Ammunition, try your local Dick’s Sporting Goods. They have the best in-stock supply I’ve found. You will have to ask for it because it’s kept behind the gun counter. But I’ve found they usually have some in stock and affordable. 

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S.H.O.V.E.L. – Open Source Multi-Tool

Semi-Horned Oblong Versatile Eating Ladle


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Parents: Your Kids Are Not Yours

MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry wants to get rid of the antiquated idea that your children are your responsibility. Let’s be progressive and realize the kids belong to the community! Now when my kids don’t get good grades or cause a problem, it’s because the community let them down. Glad it won’t be my fault.

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FEMA Youth Emergency Prep Volunteers

FEMA seeking volunteers for Youth Emergency Preparedness Council.


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Gun Confiscation

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2013 Blade Show & Living Ready Expo

If you haven’t ever been to this show, it is well worth the price. They have some great exhibitors and you can get some good prices. Since last year I’ve been kicking myself over not buying a TOPS knife at the show. The guy from TOPS came down off the list price and I STILL didn’t buy the knife! Hopefully, I can get the same deal this year…

Make sure you check out the schedule of seminars and attend a few. They are interesting and best of all, free!

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Alabama Sales Tax Holiday on Prepping Supplies

If you live near the Alabama border, you might head over and stock up on some prepping supplies.  They are sales-tax-free through the end of Sunday (2/24/13).

Alabama Sales Tax Holiday on Prepping Supplies

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Resident Evil Prepping Supplies


I saw a press release for a new prepper site and decided to check it out.  It seemed a little hokey, and after poking around for a few minutes, I found my next purchase:


After looking at the HTML code, all their products appear to come from a site called  Now I don’t have a problem with people linking to products that they use or personally sell, but when you are just a front for a wholesale store, it seems a little disingenuous to sell them as “preppring supplies.”

After all, what legitimate prepper site wouldn’t have this on their home page:

For that matter, what legitimate site issues a press release?

But while you are there, check out:

To be fair, there do appear to be some legitimate posts by the author.

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The Future of Guns

Gun Confiscation

California Gun Confiscation Program Heralded As Model For Nation

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GunBot: Live Feed of Ammo, Magazines, and Supplies

5.56Found this great site, GunBot. They provide live updates of prices and stock for various calibers and gun supplies. Worth checking out if you are having a hard time finding what you need at the local store.

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